TAX. Duty Courts due the Tax Administration Service actions April 14, 2020

The Federal Government ordered to immediately suspend non-essential activities due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, so that many people are working remotely, doing home office or teleworking and the work centers, offices, establishments, venues, locations, etc. of thousands of companies have a minimum staff, or without any staff.

However, the Tax Administration Service (TAS) has intensified its actions and, in many cases, arbitrarily and illegally, for example in tax audits, suspensions of digital seal certificates, seized bank accounts, administrative seizures, attachment of tax assessments, etc., causing to the taxpayers a state of defenselessness and legal uncertainty.

The Mexican Supreme Court of Justice, the Council of the Federal Judiciary and the Administrative Justice Federal Court, issued rulings extending the suspension of all activities until May 5th, 2020, as well as legal proceedings and deadlines and, determined the Duty Federal Courts, Judges and Chambers in order to attend urgent matters derived from authority acts or resolutions that require injunctive relief or the suspension of the administrative enforcement proceeding.

Therefore, we suggest to take the necessary measures to continue to duly comply with its tax  obligations and establish action protocols that avoid direct impacts on the fulfillment of such obligations, on the understanding that in the event of any arbitrary and illegal act or resolution by the TAS, it will be essential to immediately file the corresponding legal remedies to challenge it.

If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mexico City, April 14, 2020

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